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Dec 24, 2004 - Spontaneous Junkyard Sports: Guerrilla play

At the heart of Junkyard Sports  lay the desire to give people the power to play together better. By using junk, scrap, trash and treasures that lie at hand, friends, family and colleagues can play in a way that gives them power over the game, towards inclusive fun.

The genius in Junkyard Sports lay not only in its reuse of the world, but also in its application: sports. Everybody, more or less, knows how to play whatever popular sports people know. Most people I know know something about how to play golf, hockey and football. The play in Junkyard Sports lies in the reframing of the sport, to be inclusive, collaborative, together fun.

But any Junkyard Sports  event requires a certain amount of planning, foresight, agreement, concerning the people in play, the place, the clean junk to bring, etc.

Spontaneous Junkyard Sports is a foray into spontaneous fun. Towards anyone-anywhere-anything fun. Where with whomever you are, wherever you are, with whatever you can find at hand, you can instantly launch into play.


Bernie and Elyon went to Albertson's market the other day. There they found a very quiet part of the parking lot.

Then they found that the double lines demarking the parking spaces made narrow rings - a hole!

Then they found an old bottle cap - a puck!

The cap was a bit dirty. They looked for a club - something long so they wouldn't have to touch the cap. Then they found the side of their feet! But still, only one puck.

Someone said: over to that parking space.

Someone said: okay, let's do it in 3!

Someone said: you're on.

Someone: -kick-


Someone: -kick-

Someone: -kick-

Someone: were we supposed to get it in the hole in 3 total, or do we each get three?


Dec 22, 2004 - Junkyard Sports: Good Clean Fun

Junkyard Sports makes it fun to reuse, repurpose, revive the useless and discarded. Junkyard Sports bring new meaning to the notion of good clean fun.

But that's part of the problem. Junkyard Sports makes you want to use the trash around, and then throw it away. But who wants to touch trash?

Part of the challenge in developing a Junkyard Sports event is to collect clean trash. trash that the players won't feel squeamish to use.

We have found plastic shopping bags to be particularly useful in this regard: they're flexible enough playthings, and yet generally clean enough to reuse. Clean single socks can also work well. But in both cases, the more people there are in the event, the more impersonal the event, the more people want to be sure their playthings are sanitary.

Open challenge: how can we use the vision of Junkyard Sports to bring more good clean fun to the world?

June 22, 2004 - I graduated!